KEANSBURG - A fleet of new food trucks purchased by the state hope to serve as many as 10,000 meals a day during emergencies.

The new vehicles unveiled Wednesday will be operated by the Salvation Army, an organization already able to serve up to 2,000 meals a day from their own mobile canteens. The new trucks are equipped with full kitchens, giving the organization more independence.

"We have our own generators in there, our own kitchen, our own refrigerators," says Jesse Rivera, of the Salvation Army. "We can continue operating independently for a long period of time."

The trucks were purchased through a federal Homeland Security grant at a cost of more than $800,000.

Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Valez says the vehicles' mobility will make them extremely useful ahead of a big storm. "When we know of a disaster coming our way, we can pre-position them in advance of the storm hitting," she says.

Each truck will be kept in a different region of New Jersey, ready to respond to any area of the state in the event of an emergency.