JERSEY SHORE - Federal authorities have released new versions of flood zone maps, scaling back some high-risk areas, but adding some previously lower-risk ones.

The new maps virtually cut in half high-risk zones near waterways, which will bring relief to some property owners.

The draft maps were published Sunday for Atlantic, Ocean, Monmouth and Hudson counties. Those are the areas that were hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy last year.

But in some neighborhoods, streets are switching from a lower-risk flood zone to the "V zone." On South Riverside Drive in Shark River Hills, this will mean higher flood insurance premiums and stricter rebuilding standards.

The Neptune Township Marina is also now considered part of the high-risk area. The business administrator says it will affect how the area is reconstructed. "As a result of the maps today we'll have to rethink our design and size because it will increase the cost," says Vito Gadaleta.

The state and federal government are currently using a draft version of the maps to determine how property owners can rebuild damaged structures. But some homeowners say those maps require homes to be raised higher than they need to be in some areas.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and Gov. Chris Christie have said the new version of the maps will offer some relief.