HIGHLANDS - Many homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy along the Jersey Shore are finding that the hits just keep on coming.

The National Flood Insurance Porogram have announced it is implementing several rate changes related to congressionally mandated flood reform.

According to the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, there will now be a $25 annual surcharge fee for primary residence and a $250 annual surcharge fee for non-primary residence.

"I'm buying a home in town here. I already raised it but I'm fearful. I haven't signed [a] mortgage, and I don't know how much insurance is," says Highlands homeowner William Nelson.

Also in effect this year, people who are insured will pay a higher percentage of their insurance rates. There is also expected to be an increase in policy fees and the reserve fund assessment.

It's unclear how the new flood zone mapping will affect the rates, but it's believed that if homeowners already have National Flood Insurance, they will still have to pay the grandfathered rate through April 2016.

People affected are advised to check with FEMA or their local insurance agent for additional guidance.