KEANSBURG - Volunteers who worked so hard to restore a museum in Keansburg will soon get to unveil the finished product.

The Keansburg Historical Museum is set to reopen its doors after suffering damage during Sandy. 

Volunteer John Swartz says it has been a labor of love helping at the museum. He and other volunteers salvaged hundreds of flood-damaged artifacts, including old pictures and maps that were covered in mud.

Reopening the museum took a lot longer than expected. "It takes time because of the bureaucracy, the meetings, forms and consultations," says Edward Balyk, of the Keansburg Historical Society.

Other challenges during the project included restoring two model steamships. That repair cost $17,000.

The only thing not restored was the front door. The decision was made to preserve the 4-foot water mark on the door by covering it with a clear varnish.

The grand reopening of the museum will take place Saturday from 2-6 p.m.