MIDDLETOWN - Residents in Middletown say that they are fed up with the amount of Superstorm Sandy-damaged homes that still sit empty more than three years after the storm.

News 12 New Jersey is told by residents that many of the houses are safety hazards and are bringing down property values.

“If it’s abandoned, take it away,” says resident Ed Corbliss. “There have been break-ins at some of the abandoned homes over time and those things are not good for a neighborhood."

Several of the abandoned homes are in the Port Monmouth section of town. News 12 New Jersey found three abandoned homes on Bray Avenue and two more on Plymouth Avenue.

“It's horrible. You never know if there could be someone inside when you're walking by at night with your dog,” says resident Donna Huey.

Many of the homes’ neighbors say that from the outside the homes do not look too damaged, but inside the homes are plagued by water damage and mold.

Resident Bob Crane and other neighbors suggest Middletown take the lead from other Bay Shore communities like Union Beach.

"I think it's great the way Union Beach does it. They knock the house down, put the lien on the property, let the next person build the house back up,” Crane says.

News 12 New Jersey tried reaching out to Middletown officials, but was not able to reach anyone due to the Presidents Day holiday.