BRICK - The owners of the last home standing after Sandy and subsequent gas line fires at Camp Osborn say they want to keep their home.

However, the town says the land is owned by someone else and that person wants the house demolished.

Mark and Victoria Bloodgood, of Bayville, say their second home, escaped the natural gas fire caused by Sandy that burned 68 other houses. The home is shared with extended family members.

Floodwaters destroyed the basement, knocking out some concrete supports. But the couple is confident the house is stable.

Bob Osborn, the owner of the property where the house stands, has the land up for sale and terminated the family's lease over the winter. "It's impractical to hold up the redevelopment of this property for one house," says John Jackson, Osborn's lawyer.

Several generations of the Bloodgood family have enjoyed the house for decades. "We're going to fight for our rights to keep this house here where it belongs," says Victoria Bloodgood.

Design plans for the property once the house is demolished include a mix of bungalows, single-unit houses and townhouses. Most will be built on a raised platform.