SEASIDE HEIGHTS - Some Seaside Heights neighborhoods remain mostly vacant nine months after Sandy ripped them apart.

Many homes on Hiering and Sampson avenues are still unoccupied 282 days after the Superstorm. Homes there suffered 3-5 feet of flooding. In some cases, the exterior of the home appears undamaged, but they are completely gutted on the inside.

"It's sad because it used to be busy up and down the street and now it's very quiet these days," says Denise Mendel.

"For sale" signs are popping up, and many homes are being sold "as is."

The houses are a mix of second homes, rental properties, and full time residences.

One homeowner told News 12 New Jersey that her summer home was in her family for decades. She says she wanted to retire here, but can't afford to rebuild.

Second homes are not usually available for grants or other types of aid.