NORTH HALEDON - Sandy may have taken many things away, but in one case, the Superstorm brought something back.

Arlene Pezzuti gave her husband an engraved St. Joseph's medallion in 1968. He wore it every day, until he lost it in the early 1970s.

Joseph Pezzuti was able to locate the medal, but in 1991 he lost it again. His wife thought this time the precious gift was gone for good.

Joseph Pezzuti passed away in 2004, but Arlene Pezzuti believes Superstorm Sandy gave a piece of him back.

When the storm struck, the family home was hit hard, and during construction of a new one, an electrician found a St. Joseph medallion and left it for the family.

Arlene Pezzuti was shocked to see the inscription was that of her husband's long lost medal.

"I feel he's always been with me and he wanted to come through some way and he did," Arlene says.