LONG BEACH ISLAND - Parents on Long Beach Island are questioning the future of an elementary school that is still closed after being severely damaged by Sandy.

Parents want to know if Beach Haven School will be ready for their children come September. Since Sandy, the students have been attending school on the mainland.

Parents say there has been a major lack of communication. "It's really up in the air to what we would do," says Jennifer Tomlinson. "So we're just hoping for some communication soon so we can plan for our kids."

Officials say the biggest problem is that phone lines at the school are still down, and cellphone service is unreliable.

Eva Marie Raleigh, the new superintendent who is also serving as the school's principal, says the 100-year-old school will open Sept. 4.

In a statement, Raleigh says, "If they want to go to other schools, let them go. I don't see why they can't see the positive in what's being done." She went on to say, "I don't think other parents in other districts micromanage like this. They need to let the school heal."

Parents say they're also concerned that two grades may be combined with just one teacher. There are so few kids in the district that there's only one class per grade. The superintendent says she's not prepared to discuss that yet.

Raleigh has only been on the job for nine days and hasn't met her staff yet. She said parents are encouraged to attend the next board meeting on July 23 at the school.