BELMAR - Two lawsuits have been filed against the Borough of Belmar over its proposed boardwalk pavilions, pitting the former mayor against the current mayor.

The former mayor, attorney Ken Pringle, has filed two lawsuits against both the borough and Mayor Matt Doherty.

Pringle and other members of the group Let The Citizens Decide say the boardwalk pavilions proposed after Sandy left them no choice. They say the multimillion-dollar project is too expensive and the buildings are too big.

The group wants the redevelopment plan to be put on the general election ballot on Nov. 5. They want voters to decide what gets built and how much they're willing to spend. A petition to allow the referendum has been signed by more than 500 voters.

The borough says decisions on the redevelopment should be left to Mayor Doherty and the city council.

Borough Administrator Colleen Connolly says beach badge sales will cover whatever cost is not funded by FEMA and grants. The lawsuits are asking the courts to determine if that is legal, since some rooms will be used for private functions.