TOMS RIVER - The winter storm that slammed the state with snow last week also hammered the New Jersey shoreline, causing extensive beach erosion on the barrier island.

The temporary dune built in Toms River after Sandy now has a dramatic drop off. The pounding surf and wind from the last nor'easter ate away the protection, leaving a high cliff, but sparing ocean front homes more damage.

Manny Morone walked along the newly created cliff in awe Monday. He says he can't believe that just one winter storm could erode so much sand. "If we have another couple of storms that come up this winter season, we might have some serious problems again for homes oceanfront and blocks into it," Morone says.

Laura Chiappetta agrees, saying, "I think it's going to be a constant battle fighting the ocean against these homes."

A spokesperson for Toms River says the temporary dunes worked as intended during the storm, taking the brunt of the force to protect properties and that an emergency project will begin in the next few days to build them back up.

The mayor's office says a beach replenishment project that includes permanent dunes is scheduled to begin in Toms River this summer.

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