KEANSBURG - Sandy recovery is still slow-going in many parts of the Garden State, especially in Keansburg.

Tom and Selma Harris commute twice a week from Wayne to deal with the raising of their Keansburg home. Only two homes in town have been successfully raised, and when completed, theirs would be the third.

But the family says the flood of paperwork has been more frustrating than the actual storm damage. The home stands on blocks, waiting to be raised 15 feet to comply with new federal flood zones. The insurance company agreed to give the family $80,000, but only released $26,000, and the rest is tied up with their mortgage company.

The family now says that Keansburg Code Enforcement is holding up the project even further, requiring a soil management sample to prove the soil can support the house.

Tom and Selma Harris say they want town officials to be more accessible, considering how much work they put into their home while many others just walked away.