NORMANDY BEACH - A Somerset County teen is selling a book he put together to raise money for those affected by Sandy.

The book, called "The Perfect Storm," is made up of photos taken by 16-year-old Justin Scalera after the storm.

Scalera, a junior at Watchung Hills High School, photographed the superstorm’s devastation along the barrier island from Point Pleasant to Seaside Heights. Then, he put together a picture book.

The teen has sold 600 copies and is donating all the proceeds to help shore towns devastated by Sandy.

Scalera says he felt obligated to do his part. "I just saw the damage that I saw after the storm, and after seeing my house was OK, I just felt I needed to give back somehow," he says.

Scalera has donated $6,000 in checks to the Mantoloking Fire Department, Lavallette Elementary School and the Island Junior Baseball League in Lavallette.