POINT PLEASANT BEACH - Realtors say the business of summer shore rentals is looking up, and while the number of homes for rent may not be anywhere near its peak, it's certainly up from last year.

The harsh winter has kept many potential tenants from visiting rentals in person, but it doesn't mean they're not booking.

James Ward, of Ward Realty, says the beach is on everyone's mind and that his agency is writing leases almost daily. 

The cold weather has kept tenants away from checking out the rentals in person, but homes listed online are getting booked.

Ward says rentals were off by 40 percent the first summer after Sandy since many owners were still rebuilding. Now that more have been rebuilt, he's got more stock to offer.

"This time of year (last year) we were still seeing the roller coaster in the ocean," Ward says. “People were calling wondering if the bridges in town were open."

Along the barrier island, fears of traffic from Route 35 construction could keep some people from the area, even though the Department of Transportation promises it'll be open by Memorial Day. 

Realtors say that even though renters may not be able to see the properties in person because of the winter weather, it may be due to the cold weather that many of them are dreaming of beach getaways.