JERSEY CITY - A plan to deal with future floods was released in Jersey City Wednesday, but many residents still have questions.

Lizzie Dingle, who has lived in her home near the waterfront for 60 years, says the damage Superstorm Sandy caused was the worst she had ever seen. 

Dingle attended an information session Wednesday to see what the city surrounded by water could do to stop flooding.

Jersey City received a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to study flooding from storm surge or rising sea levels. 

Levees, berms, even tidewater basins were presented as possible solutions to future flooding. Jersey City Senior Planner Tanya Marione says the meeting was an opportunity to get feedback from the public and find out what is feasible. "At the end of the whole study, we have to do a cost benefit analysis anyway," she says.

Jersey City saw urban flooding in densely populated areas during Sandy. Raising roadways could tie up the city in construction for years and change the look of the city.

Officials say the ultimate goal is to settle on a plan and apply for federal money to help execute it.