UNION BEACH - A popular restaurant in Union Beach destroyed by Sandy has announced it is closing its temporary location.

The owners of Jakeabob's Off the Bay say they've decided not to renew their lease at the end of the month.

The reopening of the restaurant on Union Avenue, down the street from where the original place on the bay was destroyed, was widely celebrated last year.

Owners turned doors salvaged from Sandy-devastated homes into tables.  But now, Gigi Liaguno-Dorr and her fiance say trying to keep their new restaurant open is putting them into debt.

"We're struggling, we're struggling," Liaguno-Dorr says. "So you have to come to terms with what you're able to do and it's hard... If this isn't making it, you have to be able to cut it and try to figure out something else."

Liaguno-Dorr says the problem has been the reduced population in the area since Sandy.

The door tables will be put into storage unless they are claimed by their original owners or someone else is found to use them.

Reconstruction on their bayfront property has yet to begin, due to an insurance battle. "The insurance hasn't paid so that's in litigation," Liaguno-Dorr says. "So we're trying to get through the Sandy loan process.  If we can get that then we can go ahead."

Jakeabob's Off the Bay will close to the public on March 28, and the future of Jakeabob's Bay remains in limbo. A fundraiser for the restaurant will be held on March 29.

A pay-what-you-can-afford community kitchen that runs out of the restaurant Monday and Tuesday evenings will try to continue in the building or somewhere nearby.