Below is a letter from Ocean Gate Mayor Paul Kennedy:

I'm pleased to announce that after several months of discussion, the RobinHood Foundation has given $300,000.00 to Borough of Ocean Gate residents who have been affected by Super Storm Sandy. The money will actually be distributed through the NJ non-profit organization, Hometown Heroes. The grant funds come with specific requirements that must be met. An application process will take place soon and will be available through Hometown Heroes' website and their office. Please keep in mind that the specific requirements will be strictly followed. Hometown Heroes has agreed to work with me in this and will handle all the paperwork.

The main objective of this program is to get people back in their homes. Funds will go towards items like hot water heaters, furnaces , insulation, electrical wiring , Sheetrock , flooring , etc. Once application is made and the homeowner is qualified , Hometown Heroes will pay the contractors directly for work performed. For some applicants it may be utility bills, for others it may clothing. There are many different areas that are applicable but the main priority is to get people back into their homes. No money will be given directly to any homeowners. The grant funds are only available to homeowners primary home. No secondary or vacation homes qualify.

The RobinHood Foundation has generously donated the money to Ocean Gate residents based on the criteria and conversations I've had with them over the past several months. This funding has come from donations from the 12/12/12 concert that was held in Madison Square Garden , NYC. The money will be distributed to Hometown Heroes and will be SOLEY dedicated for Ocean Gate and its residents' (who qualify) needs. There is a maximum amount that each household will be eligible for. All of the specifics will be spelled out through the application process through Hometown Heroes. I will be the only representative of the Borough designated to act as Liaison between the homeowners and Hometown Heroes.

The Hometown Heroes information is as follows : website is: Or call 732-473-9400