TOMS RIVER - A massive mold problem continues to plague an Ocean County neighborhood more than 10 months after the superstorm.

Anthony Pignataro says his home on Windsor Avenue in Toms River is covered in mold. It is growing inside the walls and all over the studs forcing him to live elsewhere. He says he's been doing what he has been advised to do to get rid of it, and it keeps coming back.

His neighbor Dana Struyk has also been battling mold. It's in her crawl space and even spread into sealed bins that held precious photos and her high school yearbook.

On Sterling Street, a mold-contaminated home is for sale for $59,000, a fraction of its pre-Sandy value.

"It's gonna reduce the property value for us when we try to resell the house if there are a bunch of houses still sitting," says Jessica Thornton.

Thornton is now back in her home after rebuilding. She says the key to avoiding mold was immediately ripping everything out that got wet.

Mold remediation companies typically treat affected areas with mold fighting sprays and anti-fungal paints, but few companies guarantee that the mold won't come back.

People with asthma, lung illnesses, and mold allergies are at greater risk of becoming sick from mold.