SEASIDE PARK - A change in a federal policy says that homeowners who apply for Sandy relief grants will not be reimbursed for work done on their homes after the date of application.

Chuck Appleby says he told construction to stop work on his Seaside Park home after he applied for a Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation grant on June 30. That leaves his permanent residence at risk, as it sits raised on oak blocks.

Appleby says he's already seeing signs of damage on the home, as it settles unevenly and begins to crack. It's also keeping him and his family from moving back into their home.

"We're incurring a lot of costs but the work is not being done so we have to get a rental for the winter," Appleby says.

Appleby told News 12 New Jersey he believes many others are working on their Sandy-damaged properties, not realizing that work done after their grant applications will not be covered. He's hoping to get the word out to help maximize their reimbursement.

The government requires environmental and historical reviews to be done on properties before receiving grant money.

The Department of Community Affairs says the change in policy by the federal government is good news because it is the first time officials have ever allowed reimbursement of work done prior to applications in any natural disaster.