CHADWICK BEACH - Homeowners in Chadwick Beach are complaining about protective dunes that some say are dangerous and have a foul odor.

The dunes are made from sand dredged from the Barnegat Bay. Residents say they emit a rotten egg smell and that the dark sand is an eyesore. Others, however, say they don't notice a smell and appreciate the protection the dunes provide.

The Department of Environmental Protection says the darker color is because the sand is saturated with organic matter from the bay.

Chadwick Beach resident John Hoffman worries there could be pollution in the sand. "It might meet standards for landscaping, or for riverbed, but I can't imagine it meets the standards for 2-year-old children to play in," he says.

The DEP says the sand has been tested and is safe, and by next summer, should be bleached by the sun.

Toms River approved the the dune to protect vulnerable homes from future coastal storms.