KEANSBURG - The construction business owned by “Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Joe Giudice is under fire for the quality of its Sandy repairs.

Giudice made his first appearance in court Tuesday after being indicted on tax fraud charges. A Keansburg family who hired Giudice says he took their insurance money and in return, they received shoddy workmanship.

Christina Abdou and her fiance hired Joe Giudice's company, Modern Era Construction, to repair their Keansburg home after their first floor was flooded by Sandy. Abdou says she didn't know who Giudice was at the time.

"I just got a flier from him and that's how I met him. And then I found out he was on ‘Housewives of New Jersey,’" Abdou says.

Giudice was at the home three times, but Abdou says he left tiles coming loose and a tilted kitchen floor. A load-bearing wall was dangerously removed, causing cracks on the second floor.

Abdou's fiance signed over more than $40,000 worth of insurance checks to Giudice.

Giudice told News 12 New Jersey he's shocked by the accusations and says they have a lot of nerve to be complaining.

Giudice blames the homeowners, saying, "I treated these people like gold, and they were animals. We fixed things, and they were breaking them."

Ed Striedl, a Keansburg construction official, says permits were required for electrical work and certain other repairs done in the home, but Giudice says he believes no permits were needed.

The homeowners say they never signed a contract with Giudice, only a written proposal.