SEASIDE PARK - Residents and business owners from Sandy-affected areas of the Jersey Shore say there is growing concern over the safety of electrical systems on the boardwalk.

Officials announced Tuesday that the boardwalk blaze in Seaside Heights and Seaside Park was caused by old wires corroded by superstorm Sandy, but say the wires were inaccessible to inspectors prior to the fire.

Questions have come to light about the wiring underneath other boardwalks at the Jersey Shore, post Sandy.

In Seaside Heights, the borough administrator tells us there is no cause for concern in his municipality.

"We put in new transformers. New wiring. New everything. So on our distribution side anything touched by the storm was replaced," says John Camera. "On the property owners’ side, before anybody went back into the building, I know our construction department required them to have a certification from any licensed electrician that any wiring affected by the flooding was also replaced."

Camera says in towns that rely on electric utility companies, each company would be responsible for inspecting their wires.