EDISON - Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie gave an interview to the Associated Press about the past year of recovery and the storm's impact on New Jersey.

Christie says he blames Congress for the slow response in aid for New Jersey. It took Congress three months to approve a $51 billion Sandy relief package. The biggest of the grant programs, worth $600 million, has yet to make any payouts to homeowners.

"To the victims, I'd say you're right, it is too slow, and I wish that the federal government would allow us the flexibility to get you aid more quickly," Christie said.

Meanwhile, Ellis Island is reopening tomorrow for the first time since Sandy. The storm badly flooded the island's museum, knocking out power and damaging the historic site. The National Parks Service says most of the damage isn't repaired, but it hopes to have everything completed by the spring.