ORTLEY BEACH - A popular bakery in Ortley Beach is selling freshly baked bread again after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the barrier island.

A makeshift storefront representing Fumosa's Bakery was opened by owner Tim Fumosa along Route 35 in an effort to serve the customers he has held for 38 years. For now, his brother is baking the rolls and bread in an industrial park in Manchester and driving them over to be sold.

The floodwaters inside Fumosa’s Bakery were so intense that their workspace and equipment were completely destroyed.

Fumosa did not have flood insurance during Sandy, so he is hoping to receive grant money from the Small Business Administration or the State of New Jersey.

He says that he needs $400,000 to reopen next year.

Until then, Fumosa’s will be open on the weekend along Route 35 North at Sixth Avenue, from 7a.m. to 1 p.m.