ORTLEY BEACH - Residents of the Orley Beach section of Toms River attended a town council meeting Tuesday night to let their mayor know how they feel about the pace of recovery.

Frustration is growing in Ortley Beach as residents continue to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, and many are up in arms following comments made by Toms River Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher in a recent Bloomberg News article.

Kelaher was quoted saying he was "annoyed with people over there" for complaining about the slow pace of recovery. Residents say that many blocks of homes still look like they did the day after Sandy.

The mayor later apologized and responded to the criticism on the township's website saying, "I'm very sympathetic to the needs of Ortley residents and others throughout the rest of town."

The mayor added that the township has dedicated every department within the Town Hall to helping residents recover from Sandy, but that there are many problems he simply can't do anything about.

Residents addressed Kelaher directly during Tuesday's meeting. "You're an elected politician. There to serve the people and no matter how silly or outlandish the request is," said Mike Shumsky. "That's what you're paid to deal with."

For Toms River Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher's response to Sandy recovery complaints, watch the video to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.