SEASIDE HEIGHTS - First responders in Seaside Heights were forced to break into an Army-Navy store during Superstorm Sandy.

The Shore Army-Navy store, located on Hamilton Avenue, was broken into by first responders during Sandy. The first responders took an estimated $185,000 worth of goods, including clothing, sleeping bags, camping equipment and backpacks.

Mayor Bill Akers says first responders had little choice when they were soaked and needed dry clothes.

The tab has now been settled with store owner Ted Domaracki, but he wishes the situation could have been handled better.

"If there was someway they could have picked me up in a National Guard truck and had me take inventory of what they needed, it certainly would have been desirable," Domaracki says.

Mayor Akers says the situation was a learning lesson and the borough is now putting together proper protocol for situations like this.