AVON-BY-THE-SEA - A request for federal funding to rebuild the beach pavilions and bathrooms in Avon has been denied.

Many beach-goers are outraged that FEMA has denied the funding to rebuild two pavilions that were destroyed by Sandy.

"I am very upset to hear that because I believe as citizens of the U.S. we all pay for FEMA, so when we all pay into something like that, I think it's very important we all get back what we paid into,” says Meg Connolly, of Lincroft.

FEMA agreed to pay 90 percent of the boardwalk here, but won't fund the reconstruction of the pavilions or bathrooms, saying they are in a high risk "V" flood zone.

FEMA also says they don't need to be built so close to the water and do not facilitate the use of open space. The borough plans to appeal.

The borough says bathrooms and concession stands are necessary to keeping beaches open to the public.

Regardless of what happens with FEMA, the larger concession pavilion will be rebuilt starting this fall. The borough will pay for part of the project with flood insurance money it received.