UNION BEACH - More than 120 volunteers are taking part in the Ninth Annual FedEx Cares week this week, trying to get a jump start on much needed recovery efforts in Union Beach.

Toni Woods has lived in Union Beach for 18 years and appreciates the efforts of her co-workers. "I wanted to cry this morning when I walked in and saw all the purple shirts," Woods says. "I have been on the other side when I've helped others with FedEx Cares but to have them here today, it was personal and heart-felt."

"It's good to help someone in distress, ya never know," says Develin Myers, of Elizabeth. "It may be your day one day."

Many volunteers have pledged to make a long-term commitment. "With us it's always a continuous effort," says Jerry Alware, a FedEx Cares Rahway Volunteer. "Whether it's continue this event or whatever, we are going to continue to rebuild New Jersey. It's about our home so we want to rebuild it."

Many in the area are still not back in their homes, waiting for word from insurance companies or grant money to decide whether they will be forced to sell or rebuild.