WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP - Many New Jersey homeowners are still trying to get back into their homes after they were forced out by Irene and Sandy.

Leslie Marti's home was heavily damaged by Hurricane Irene. She thought she'd be back in her home quickly.

Marti went to a hotel with her husband and two kids, then moved into an apartment paid for by FEMA.

When Sandy came, all progress on the home stopped and a whole new set of problems began.

Finally this June, Marti's family moved back in to their own space. Just one street over, homeowners aren't so lucky

Marti still worries though and has applied for the federal buyout, along with dozens of her neighbors.

"This was my dream home," Marti says. "I wanted to raise my grandchildren here. It doesn't look like that now, but it was our space, our home."

For now, she's trying to enjoy her newly remodeled home and her very own space.