TOMS RIVER - Officials in Toms River have been asking private owners to cooperate with efforts to create dunes to protect Shore homes from future storms like Sandy.

Some homeowners and associations are putting up dunes or signing easement orders voluntarily, but others have held out, and now the city is naming names.

The city has called out private owner John McDonough for not signing onto the plan. He owns a large stretch of the beach and Mayor Thomas Kelaher says he doesn't want the dunes.

Toms River wants to have the Army Corps of Engineers examine the beach, build bigger dunes and make the beach larger.

But owners continue to speak out against those actions, asking for clarity on the plans. Ed Reading, an owner on Ortley Beach, says "It's not about the view it's about protection of the community."

John O'Grady is rebuilding on Ocean Beach and wants a dune so he won't have to rebuild again, but he's at the mercy of the man who owns the beach, John McDonough. "He has no right to make that decision on behalf of the thousand homeowners, O'Grady says.

Kelaher says more than half of the city's owners have signed off on the dunes.

McDonough did not respond to News 12 New Jersey's request for a comment.