KEANSBURG - Children who were displaced by Sandy may be forced to go to schools outside their "home" district if they are still unable to move back into their houses.

Kelly Lewis lost her home in Keansburg during Sandy and was placed by FEMA with her four kids at Fort Monmouth in Eatontown. Her two oldest kids were able to stay in class in Keansburg even though they lived out of town. But as of Nov. 1, children living outside of the district may be forced to switch to schools where they live, according to state and federal law.

"I was very worried - very, very worried - because she has friends here," Lewis says. "And I don't want her to feel any more displaced than they already were."

Lewis says she was one of the lucky ones, and has found a rental home in Keansburg.

The superintendent says he is afraid other families will have trouble finding homes in town. The district currently has about 60 children who live in communities outside the borough.

Parents are hoping the state can be flexible with the deadline, but cash-strapped school districts argue it's too expensive to educate kids who live elsewhere.

The federal law allowing children to stay in their school districts after Sandy does have some flexibility. It allows families to stay for one year after they find a new home, so some children may have more time. Homeowners can also prove to the school system that they plan on returning to the town by showing work permits and construction contracts.