UNION BEACH - Families displaced by Superstorm Sandy in Union Beach will soon have a place to call home again as more modular houses are coming to the area.

The Shane family is set to move back home this week, thanks to the help of a project called Rebuilding Union Beach.  

The home sitting at the corner of Herbert Street is on the same lot as it was before the storm, but has been elevated as an added protection. 

Maryann and Bob Shane have lived in Union Beach all their lives, but they say the last year and a half have been the most trying. 

"Just being able to do your own wash in your own house," says Mayann Shane. "It's the little things you take for granted. It's nice to have them back again."

Even though the couple won't move in to their new home until Friday, they had quite the welcome home party, and a visit from Mary Pat Christie.

The governor's wife promised there is more to come. "We're gonna have probably 12 families in homes like this by July 4." 

The funding is coming from the New Jersey Relief Fund and the Robin Hood Foundation.

For many families, it's been a stressful process with an overwhelming amount of red tape.  

The modular homes that are being built in Union Beach are resistant to water and high wind. They are mildew resistant and come with bamboo flooring.