BRICK TOWNSHIP - Demolition and debris removal began today in Camp Osborn, the small bungalow community on Brick Township's barrier island.

The community was battered by Superstorm Sandy and engulfed by flames that spread from a natural gas leak following the storm. Charred remains of 68 homes were all that was left of the community.

Neighbors have pushed hard for the demolition but say their emotions are bittersweet. "Your emotions are going both ways at the same time because you don't want to see it leave," says Jackie Foulks. "But you also want to see it turn into something new and wonderful that we can come back to."

Residents and officials are working on a plan to rebuild that calls for a mix of bungalows, single homes, duplexes and townhouses. Construction on the new neighborhood may not start for another year and could take two years to complete.