BRICK - A Sandy victim whose struggle to rebuild her home took center stage when she called out Gov. Chris Christie at a town hall meeting is finally getting her new house.

"Debbie from Brick" has become one of the many symbols of Sandy recovery, and a reminder of how far many still have to go.

"I'm just Debbie from Brick and I just want to go home," Debbie Fortier told the governor back in February.

Now she finally has a place to call home.

"We left our house the day of the storm, not thinking anything like I'd not be able to walk back into my house again," Fortier says. Sandy completely destroyed her home.

A modular house was put in its place 17 months later. Fortier, her husband Tom, and their kids, 24-year-old Allie and 19-year-old Ryan, watched as the pieces were put together and their new home took shape.

"We're excited to finally see something going forward," says Tom Fortier. "And happy we are at the point we are now."

The Fortiers have been renting the home right across the street from their property.

"It's been hard every day to walk out of the house and look at a big empty lot where your house used to stand," Debbie Fortier says. 

A lot of work still has to be done on the outside and inside before the family can move in.

Debbie Fortier says they are counting the days. "Every day will bring us closer to the day we can bring the welcome mat out and say welcome home."

The family is hoping to move in by the 4th of July.