NORMANDY BEACH - Frigid cold temperatures are hampering rebuilding efforts in areas devastated by Sandy.

Contractors say the snow and ice are slowing them down. A crew with Falcon Industries in Normandy Beach was thankful Thursday for sunshine and temperatures near 30 degrees. 

"We're losing a couple days a week," says supervisor Andy Herman. "So when it was 20 degrees out and 10 degrees out we couldn't work. The wood was frozen and the frames were frozen."

Missed days means lost wages, and when it is clear and warm enough to work, they must first dig out.

The crews pile up boards like this to prevent them from freezing together. 

The heavy rain is also a problem because it soaked into the sand.  At another construction site, a crew was having trouble driving a piling into the frozen ground.

"This weather has put us approximately back a month, month and a half," says Falcon Industries owner Brian Furey.

Some customers are getting frustrated, but Ann Deborah Engles says she understands. The weather is delaying progress on her summer home. She was hoping to be in by May, but says she'll try to be patient. "We can't ask people to literally risk limbs to finish my house," she says.

Crews told News 12 New Jersey they are now four to six weeks behind, and are now going in on weekends to help catch up.