LITTLE FERRY - Gov. Chris Christie was in one of Sandy's hardest-hit towns today, reminding residents about the quickly-approaching deadline to apply for state aid.

Christie touted the resettlement grant program, designed to keep people from leaving the Garden State.

Resettlement grants are available to residents in the nine counties affected by Sandy. Homeowners have to have suffered at least $8,000 worth of damage to their primary residence.

The grant can be used for non-construction costs, like flood insurance premiums, mortgage payments and even new furniture. Homeowners are making a commitment to stay in their communities.

The resettlement program is part of a $180 million initiative to keep people in New Jersey.

Christie started the program because of what happened in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. "People didn't resettle back where they were before," Christie says. "We wanted to make sure we gave people the money and incentive to resettle right back where they were when Sandy hit."

The governor is urging homeowners to apply for the grants. The deadline is Thursday.