BRICK TOWNSHIP - A Brick Township family is still struggling with home repairs nearly four years after Superstorm Sandy badly damaged their home.

“The house is sinking,” says Tricia McAvoy. “It’s already down a couple inches.”

The storm caused three small holes to form in the home’s bulkhead, which are still causing problems. The home has already been rebuilt once and was also elevated after the storm.

“I need to get this repaired because otherwise the whole house is going to go,” McAvoy says.

The home’s new foundation has large cracks, and sinkholes have formed in the backyard. The floor has started to buckle inside the home, and some of the windows no longer open.

“I haven't been home in four years and I don't know if I’m ever going to get back in,” she says.

McAvoy, 65, hopes to one day move back into the home with her two adult sons. She suffered two strokes since the storm and her husband also passed away.

The state now says it will pay for the bulkhead after McAvoy’s case manager initially said repairing it was not necessary.  However, she does not know if the state of FEMA will pay for the home’s other repairs.

McAvoy volunteers her time at a Sandy relief center, helping others who are struggling with red tape.