BRICK - Sometimes the best things in life can come from the worst situations, just as two people displaced by Sandy found love in a storm shelter.

As the water rose to his chest during Sandy, Robert Guidera made a frantic 911 call from a home in Brick that has since been demolished.

First responders brought Guidera to Brick Memorial High School for shelter. It was there where he would meet the love of his life.

Sue Kavanaugh says it was love at first sight. "I never thought after 32 years that I would love someone again, fall in love, and we did," she says.

The couple has a lot in common. Both of them lost the contents of their homes to Sandy and both of them struggle with multiple sclerosis. Guidera is legally blind. Kavanaugh can no longer walk.

After being sent to 13 different shelters side by side, the couple decided to restore Kavanaugh's home and move in together.

"She's a great girl," Guidera says. "A lot of fun to be around. She makes me smile - let's put it that way. My job is easy, I just have to make her smile."

Guidera and Kavanaugh lived just one mile apart for years, never meeting until Superstorm Sandy brought them together.