HIGHLANDS - Townships up and down the shoreline are considering ways to protect themselves against the next storm as the one year anniversary of Sandy approaches.

The Army Corps of Engineers is considering a new flood wall in the Highlands. For a community of 5,000 that sits right on the water, the idea is being pitched as the best way to beat back the next hurricane.

The borough took a pounding from the surging floodwaters of Sandy, which caused severe damage to about 1,250 homes. Some homeowners have already cleaned up and rebuilt higher, while others are still trying to resurrect homes.

The Army Corps is suggesting a wall that would be pounded into the ground and covered with sand to make it more pleasing to the eye.

The wall would come at a cost close to $60 million. Within the last few months, there has been talk of raising up the entire downtown, but not everyone is on board with that idea.

This type of wall would be similar to the one that now sits at the base of the Mantoloking Bridge. There will be a meeting on Monday to discuss the matter at 8 p.m. at Henry Hudson High School.

Mayor Frank Nolan is on board with the plan, but says it likely won't be in place for another five years or more.