BELMAR - Federal Sandy relief money will soon be used to relieve chronic flooding issues around Lake Como along the Jersey Shore.

Whenever the lake floods, the waters affect several Jersey Shore communities such as Belmar, Spring Lake and the town of Lake Como. Now a FEMA grant will help protect the towns.

The $6 million grant will be used to build an underground pipe, which will automatically drain the lake when it gets too high. The extra water will be funneled out into the ocean.

"There are existing pipes now that are much smaller," says Belmar Mayor Matt Dougherty. "They go out into the ocean, but not far enough."

Mayor Dougherty says that the pipes also get clogged with sand, which doesn't allow the water to drain.

Construction on the pipe is expected to begin this fall. Once it is complete, there should not be any reason to have to pump the lake again.