BELMAR - Two families have returned to their homes three years after Superstorm Sandy wrecked them, all thanks to people across the country.

The Belmar community started its "Home By Summer" campaign in February to raise money to help the Sperber and Roberts-Keefe families make repairs to their homes. They were supposed to be able to move back in by June, but there were delays. However, both families are now back in their homes, just a few days before the third anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

The families say that they are ecstatic. The Roberts-Keefe family was living six people in very tight quarters.

“I get to hang out with my friends, no struggle with that,” says Shaun Keefe. “I get my own room away from everyone. I get to sleep on a bed.”

His sister Shayla is equally happy to be home.

“Now we’re here. I can live a normal teenage life. Before I couldn’t have friends over,” she says.

The fundraising campaign brought in $240,000 in cash, materials and labor - most of it from people who don't even know the recipients.

The "Home By Summer" campaign was in partnership with the St. Vincent DePaul Society of St. Rose in Belmar.