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News 12 New Jersey's Dr. Derrick DeSilva explains

News 12 New Jersey's Dr. Derrick DeSilva explains how to stay fit and live healthy. (Credit: News 12 New Jersey)

Show Information for December 28, 2013

TOPIC: Winter skin cancer threat

Winter is officially here! With the freezing temps and shorter days, You may think it's okay to ditch the sunscreen. WRONG! Skin cancer poses a threat all year long.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Glenn Kolansky, MD with Advanced Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center

Dermatology Channel

Show Information for December 21, 2013

TOPIC: Breastfeeding app

Our homeopath and herbalist has created an app that provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby.

FEATURED GUEST: Homeopath and herbalist Sara Chana

Sara Chana

Show Information for December 14, 2013

TOPIC: Holistic healing during the holidays

We're in the thick of holiday season and with all the shopping, traveling, family visits and festive foods, you may need a little help getting through all the activity associated with this time of year.

FEATURED GUEST: Homeopath and herbalist Sara Chana

Sara Chana

Show Information for December 7, 2013

TOPIC: Athlete injuries (children)

We address the effects of concussions and sports injuries on young children.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Christopher Ropiak, MD with Union County Orthopedic Group

Union County Orthopedic Group

Show Information for November 30, 2013

TOPIC: Athlete injuries (professional)

Concussions among NFL football players have become a hot topic recently. Research has shown head injuries from sports can lead to serious health issues in the short and long term.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Christopher Ropiak, MD with Union County Orthopedic Group

Union County Orthopedic Group

Show Information for November 23, 2013

TOPIC: Exercise and pain management

Fall is a season when all those family dinners and holiday treats can really cause us to pack on the pounds. It's especially important that we stick to our workout routines and not let pain prevent us from getting physical.


Lisa Lynn on Faceabook

Show Information for November 16, 2013

TOPIC: Fall essentials to prevent illness

We're officially in the midst of fall. It's a time when people are more prone to getting sick unless you equip yourself with the right germ-fight tools. It's also a time when skipping workouts becomes more common.  Our fitness expert explains the importance of staying active this season.


Lisa Lynn on Faceabook

Show Information for November 9, 2013

TOPIC: 8-year-old cancer patient and author

Ava Rasmussen has been battling Leukemia for the last 11 months and now she's written a book to help young patients battling cancer understand their illness. The most amazing part is she's only 8-years-old.

FEATURED GUEST: Ava Rasmussen and her mother Samantha Rasmussen


Show Information for November 2, 2013

TOPIC: Emotional stress after Sandy

It's been more than a year since Superstorm Sandy devastated New Jersey. Not only were homes and businesses destroyed, the storm took a heavy emotional toll as well. We talk to a crisis counselor about the mental stress that natural disasters can cause.

FEATURED GUEST: Samantha Broderick with PerformCare NJ

PerformCare NJ

Show Information for October 19 and October 26, 2013

TOPIC: National Physical Therapy Month

You may not know that October is National Physical Therapy month. This is important is because physical therapy can treat a range of conditions like arthritis and can help people avoid surgery.

FEATURED GUEST: Chris Beltran, DPT with Atlantic Physical Therapy and Stonehill Skyhawks Basketball Player Randall Stallworth

Atlantic PT Center

Show Information for October 5 and October 12, 2013

TOPIC: Seasonal diet and exercise changes

Changing seasons usually mean BIG changes in wardrobe, exercise routines and food choices. Our experts show us how to make those fall barbeques a little healthier. They also demonstrate some different ways of working out when the temps begin to drop. 

FEATURED GUEST: Michael and Susan Keenan with KM Fitness

Keenan Medical Fitness

Show Information for September 21 and September 28, 2013

TOPIC: Staying Fit post-menopause

It's September and that means Menopause Awareness Month. Women who are going through this transition know all to well the drastic changes associated with menopause. An OBGYN and fitness expert stop by our studios to address those challenges and offer tips on weight and mood management.

FEATURED GUESTS: Dr. Shari Brasner, MD and fitness expert Deb Horn

Mount Sinai
Estroven Changing Ways

Show Information for September 7 and September 14, 2013

TOPIC: Dental health

We talk about new technology helping dentists detect and treat cavities earlier and more efficiently.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Michael Gruber, DDS, FAGD, PA with Gruber Dental, Dental Hygienist Jennifer Mazzeo and Patient Julia Martin

Gruber Dental

Show Information for August 24 and August 31, 2013

TOPIC: Bariatric surgery

Obesity is a growing problem here in the U.S. and around the world. We discuss why obesity rates keep going up, the health risks associated with obesity and when bariatric surgery should be considered an option.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Seun Sowemimo, MD, FACS with Prime Surgicare and Central Jersey Bariatrics

Prime Surgicare
Central Jersey Bariatrics

Show Information for August 10 and August 17, 2013

TOPIC: PRP therapy

People with bone, muscle or nerve injuries may not know that surgery is only one of the options. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy could be the solution for you.

FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Richard Braver, DPM, FACFAS with Active Foot and Ankle Care

Active Foot and Ankle Care

Show Information for August 3, 2013

TOPIC: How to refuel after working out

It's not just your workouts that are important; what you do after those sweat-sessions is equally essential. Refueling your body with the right foods is key.

FEATURED GUEST: Director of Omega Wellness Chris Speed, MND, APD

Omega Wellness

Show Information for July 27, 2013

TOPIC: Toning trouble zones

Do you dream of having that sculpted look, but can't seem to tone those trouble zones no matter how hard you try? Our personal trainer demonstrates some moves that will have you beach-body ready in no time.

FEATURED GUEST: Personal trainer Kevin Prior with YMCA Woodbridge

YMCA Woodbridge

Show Information for July 13 and July 20, 2013

TOPIC: Get well Network

It's something most parents dread: Having to take your child to the hospital. The situation can cause panic and fear among kids. The Children's Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick has teamed up with the Get Well Network to help young children and their families have a more informed and pleasant experience.

FEATURED GUEST: Director of family-centered care Donna Provenzano (Children's Specialized Hospital) and patient Liam Rust

Get Well Network
Children's Specialized

Show information for June 29 and July 6:

Topic: Proper Golf Posture
Golf season is in full swing and hitting a few rounds might be just the ticket to relieving stress and helping maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may not know that the wrong posture and technique can put you in harm's way. We address the risks and right way to tee off.
Featured guest: Dr. Dante Implicito, MD

New Jersey Spinal Medicine and Surgery

Show information for June 15 and 22:

Topic: WOW Program at Saint Joseph's Medical Center
Soaring obesity rates in the U.S. have led to a rise in diseases and other medical conditions among adults and children. Saint Joseph's Medical Center in Paterson has introduced WOW: a 12-week weight loss program to help their employees get moving and get healthy.
Featured Guests: Dr. Jaime Pula, Ph.D, Dr. Amal Al-Shrouf, MD and St. Joseph's employee Valarie Campbell

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center

Show information for June 8:

Topic: Quick Fixes for Eye Puffiness and Dark Circles
You've probably heard the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if you're suffering from under eye puffiness or dark circles? We reveal the products that can help conceal and treat these pesky problems.
Featured Guest: Beauty Expert Kim Baker

Kim Baker's Twitter
Glam 4Ever Makeup Studio

Show information for June 1:

Topic: Probiotics 101
Probiotics seem to be all the rage nowadays. What do they do, why are they beneficial and most importantly, what are they?
Featured Guest: Pediatrician Dr. Sheeba Ben, MD and Dr. Debbie Magids, Ph.D.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Show information for May 18 and 25:

Topic: Thyroid Health
Have you had a thyroid test recently? Many are unaware of the conditions and diseases associated with an impaired thyroid. We discuss why a blood test may not be effective in diagnosing the problem and introduce Thyroflex, one of the latest methods in detection.
Featured Guest: Dr. Daryl Turner, MD

Thyroid & Adrenal Research Institute

Show information for May 11:

Topic: Junk Food Dangers
Fast foods and sweet treats may taste great, but they can wreak havoc on your health. Michael Robibaro dropped by our studios to talk about why he chose to become vegan and Dr. DeSilva reveals the "do-consume-list" he provides to his patients.

Show information for May 4:

Topic: Tanning Dangers
May means skin cancer awareness month.  Tan mom and Snooki are just two of the names that have made headlines for their obsession with tanning.  It's a trend that many people can't live without, but the dangers of tanning can't be ignored.  In fact too much of it can be deadly.
Featured Guest: Dr. Jerry Bagel with Windsor Dermatology
Windsor Dermatology

Show information for April 20 & 27:

Topic: Pre and Post-Pregnancy Fitness
Ladies, you may think that getting pregnant is just an excuse to dump your workout routine and diet and just eat whatever you want.  The truth is it's just as, if not more important, to stay healthy and active during those nine months.   And what about after the baby is born?  Hollywood's leading ladies seem to bounce back just weeks after delivery‚Ķ but is that normal and is it safe?
Featured Guest: Fitness Expert Amanda Hargreaves
Amanda Hargreaves

Show information for April 6 & 13:

Topic: Sleep Problems and Solutions
Getting those zzz's is great unless you're not getting enough.  That's when it can become a big problem.   When do your sleep issues need medical attention and when is it just a bad night?  We talk conditions and cures.
Featured Guest: Dr. Namita Joshi with Somerset Medical Center
Sleep for Life Program

Show information for March 23 & 30:

Topic: Stroke: Risk Factors and Treatment
Stroke is the leading cause of death here in the U.S.  It can affect people of all ages and races.  Knowing the risk factors is the first step towards prevention.  Once you've had a stroke, finding the right treatment options is essential.
Featured Guest: Dr. Doctor Spozhmy Panezai and Dr. Brian Greenwald with JFK Medical Center
JFK Medical Center Stroke Program 

Show information for March 9 & March 16:

Topic: Headache Relief
It's a problem that millions of Americans suffer from - chronic headaches. You may think popping a pill or taking over-the-counter medicine may be the answer, but health experts say they're just a short-term fix to a long-term problem. We explore more permanent treatments and surprising options for relief.
Featured Guest: Doctor Marvin Lagstein, DMD
The Headache Solution Center

Show information for March 2:

Topic: Menstrual Pain and Relief
It's that time of the month that most women despise... the start of their menstrual cycle. Many go through the process smoothly while some experience excruciating menstrual pain for those several days. What's normal and what requires treatment? We address those questions and more. Please note that the products mentioned in this segment are not FDA approved.
Featured Guest: Fitness and Nutrition Expert Sharlene May and Robert Jellows with MN8

Lady Care USA

Show information for Feb. 23:

Topic: Menopause Stats and Solutions
As women get older they go through a lot of changes...and there's one particular change that many of them dread... MENOPAUSE. We break down the facts and take a look at the products available on the market today. Featured Guest: Fitness and Nutrition Expert Sharlene May and Robert Jellows with LadyCare. Please note that the products mentioned in this segment are not FDA approved.

Lady Care USA

Show Information for Feb. 16:

Topic: Natural Cold & Flu Cures
Getting sick is never any fun. There's plenty of pills and other over-the-counter medicine you can take... but did you know that you can speed up the recovery process through certain foods? Curing a virus may only be a kitchen shelf away.
Featured Guest: Herbalist and Homeopath Sara Chana

Show Information for Feb. 9:

Topic: Valentine's Day Done Naturally
Valentine's Day usually means one thing: Romance! It can be difficult trying to set the mood, but fortunately, your love can be expressed through natural herbs and love potions. Roses are a popular gift, but you may be surprised about the many ways you can give them.
Featured Guest: Herbalist and Homeopath Sara Chana

Show Information for Jan. 26 & Feb. 2:

Topic: Geriatric Emergency Care
As we get older, we need different medical care than in our younger years. St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson recently opened up a new geriatric emergency department that specifically caters to seniors.

Featured Guest: Dr. Mark Rosenberg

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center

Show Information for Jan. 12 & Jan. 19

Topic: Treating Winter Skin (Face and Body)

Winter weather can really wreak havoc on your skin.
We wade through the many products available on the market and select the ones best equipped to handle those harsh temps.

Featured Guest: Beauty Expert Kim Baker

Glam 4Ever Makeup Studio
Kim Baker's Twitter
Glamazon Beauty

Show Information for Dec. 29, 2012 & Jan. 5, 2013

TOPIC: Prescription Drug Abuse
Prescription drug abuse is on the rise across the country and here in New Jersey.  We look at the warning signs, symptoms and solutions.
FEATURED GUEST: Dr. Bruce Bonanno
Resources for parents and teens regarding drug abuse prevention and treatment:

Show information for 2012

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