Fairfield Rainbows of Hope has families put up signs of hope, or rainbows, in windows

The Fairfield Police Department, as well as local schools, have teamed up to promote Fairfield Rainbows of Hope, asking families to put up signs of hope, or rainbows, in their windows. 
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Residents can print them off the internet, like they did at the police department and at town hall. They can also have their kids be creative.
"Color on piece of paper, a fun little project, something to do in the house,” says police officer Stacy Chiarolanza. “You can do it also on sidewalks. "
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Police officers are putting them on their patrol cars in the form of stickers, and residents are asked if they see something, say something -- socially at least. Take a picture and post it.
"Hashtags are "it will be okay" and hashtag "rainbow of hope",” says Chiarolanza.
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The project was apparently inspired by children from Spain and Italy, who posted their own artwork in windows of their homes for their neighbors to enjoy it.

On just a few blocks in Fairfield, every color of the rainbow can be found in many windows. Other towns in New Jersey and across the U.S. are also on board. Communities near and far are hoping to spread hope, to feel connected and send a message that everything will be OK.
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