Customers at Cherry Hill eatery must pass camera temp check to enjoy meal

A restaurant in Camden County is going one step beyond taking its staff’s temperatures as they reopen for business.
A new device installed in Caffe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill may look like a security camera, but it is actually a thermal imaging camera designed to take temperatures. All staff members are required to get checked before their shifts start.
“There are two cameras at the front desk. One that is measuring the ambient temperature and one that’s quickly scanning your forehead temperature,” says Rosita Lamberti, director of restaurants at Aldo Lamberti Restaurants.
The temperature checks aren’t just for staff, but guests as well. Guests will also be checked before they can be seated.
“No one has refused to walk through the door and it is mandatory,” Lamberti says. “Everyone that comes in has to wear a mask and they have to get their temperature scanned.”
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Everyone must wear a mask unless they have a medical condition preventing them from doing so. Otherwise, they will not be allowed inside.
Lamberti says that the system costs more than $20,000. But she says that it was an important investment.
“I think it’s a different time. It’s what we’re calling a ‘new normal’ that hopefully is temporary. But I think that for the time being, people will prefer to know that everyone around them – staff and other guests – are at least, that their temperature isn’t elevated,” Lamberti says.
The system will be used as the restaurant transitions to indoor dining next week.
“We’re imagining it’s going to be very similar to what we have to do for outdoor dining, which means keeping tables 6 feet apart, social distance, the mask, sanitizers in various places throughout the restaurant. So, that’s what we’re planning for unless we hear otherwise,” Lamberti says.
Caffe Aldo Lamberti is currently the only location to use the thermal camera. But Lamberti says that the owners are considering adding cameras to their Philadelphia restaurants as well.